Wednesday, January 28, 2009

How to Minimize Electricity Consumption of Computers

People always use varieties of electronic products in their life that use electricity for energy, as computer, air conditioning, washing machine,heaters...etc. So, we suggest few strategies how to minimize energy for Personal Computer users,

1.Use dark colour wall paper & black view screen. Do not use screen server for long period.

2Use portable computer (lap top) more efficient than work station computer or desktop computer.

3.Shut down your computer when you do not use it, especially at night.

4.Use in jet printer than laser printer.

5.Decrease to use monitor, if you can access from remote administrator.

6.Use computer with LCD monitor than CRT, because LCD monitor more efficient energy.

7. Be wise to use monitor computer, 17 inc. monitor use 30 % energy than 15 inc. monitor.

8. Use power saving setting available in the control panel of your computer
Monitor off - 3 to 5 minutes
Hard disk off - 5 to 10 minutes
Stand by/sleeps mode - 15 to 25 minutes

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