Thursday, March 27, 2008

Real Time Unicode Converter - UCSC, Sri Lanka

This is the great tool from University of Colombo School of Computing which will be a great asset, in the process of using Sinhala/Tamil Unicode.


Another Converter..

You can use as a Real time Converter.....


Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Horton Plains Sri Lanka

Horton Plains is Sri Lanka’s only montane national parks, and the only one in which visitors are permitted to tour on foot. The second & third highest mountains of the country namely Kirigalpotta & Thotupola respectively are found within the borders of the park.

The panoramic scenic beauty of the hill country could be witnessed within the park. The famous "World's End" and "Bakers Falls" are major attractions within the Park.

Leopard, Sri lankan Sambar Deer & wild boar are the most common large mammals in Horton Plains. Endemic Bear Monkey, Rusty- Spotted and Fishing cats, Otter, Black napped hare and Giant Squirrel are among other mammals. Many species of endemic & threatened rats & shrews are also found in the park.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Aberdeen Waterfall Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is blessed with innumerable waterfalls. Aberdeen waterfall is found below the Castlereigh Reservoir on the grounds of the former Aberdeen Estate.

This waterfall, which attain the impressive height of 322 feet Horsetail type gorgeous waterfall in Sri Lanka. This is near Ginigathhena town & 2km walk from the village. The sweetest thing is we guided by 2 Dogs.

When you travel along the Colombo-Hatton highway, turn at Ginigathhena junction and drive along the road up to village & then 2km foot walk to see Aberdeen Fall.

Visitors to the Hatton get the opportunity of viewing it. More photos