Saturday, January 24, 2009

Abayagiriya Sri Lanka

Abayagiri was built by King Vatttagamini in 88 B.C legend says that the King who lost his throne to the south Indians had spent the 14 years in the jungles. While he was fleeing he was jeered by a Jain hermit and on his return to power he destroyed the Jain monastery and around the Jotiya shrine he built a Buddhist monastery. the dagaba itself was the work of king Gajabahu and it reached a height of 370feet and although smaller than the Jetawana Dagaba was the 2 nd largest thupa in the world. In earlier days it was said that the dagaba was built over a foot print of the Buddhe according to Fa hien who visited Sri Lanka in the early 5 th Century A.D.

Over the impression to the North of the Royal City a great Pagoda was built 400 feet in height, decorated with gold and silver and all precious substances combined.

At the southern gateway to the dagaba, the two attendants of the god of wealth, Padmanidhi and Samkanidhi are now enshrined.(source

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