Thursday, September 18, 2008

Sri Lanka Day in Japan

Sri Lankan Day in Tokyo, Japan organized by the Sri Lankans in Japan with Sri Lankan Airlines annually. It helped Sri Lankans to introduce themselves to the large crowd present. Thousands of people flocked to the annual Sri Lanka Day to experience a colorful festival full of Sri Lankan culture and food.

There were over 50 booths providing unlimited access to everyone to enjoy Sri Lankan products, food, books, records, items of cultural value and Srti Lankan Live music was provided. The lively and rhythmic performances of the entertainers showing their traditional Sri Lankan dances and musical performances was a rare treat for the public.


nifraz said...

Wish I was there enjoying all you had said

Anonymous said...

SL can learn lots of things from Japan people. I love their dicipline & attitudes. If this apply to all of us, someday Sri Lanka will be the most powerful in the world.

Anonymous said...

this is the tremendous event for Sri Lankans... Once i had a chance to go there.. wow its great to see Lankans..