Sunday, August 24, 2008

Fukuroda Falls, Japan

Fukuroda Falls is the One of Japan’s premier waterfalls located in Ibaraki Prefecture in the town of Daigo. The Taki River has its source spring just above the falls. The river flows through the falls and ultimately joins a major Kuji river . The falls consist of 4 sections that spread out the modest flow of water into a shallow sheet some 20 to 30 meters wide, making for a beautiful scene any time of the year.
The width of the falls is 73 m, while the height reaches 120 m. During winter the falls may freeze. The falls are ranked the 3rd in whole Japan among Kegon Falls and Nachi Falls , as the most beautiful waterfalls.

To get there by car, go up the Joban Expressway to the Naka Interchange and exit back towards Tsukuba. Turn right at the first main road and then again right on Route 118 a couple of km up from there. Continue up 118 through Omiya for about 35 km. The falls are to the right just shortly before you get to Daigo Machi.

I had a chance to see this lovely waterfall on July2007. I payed my 100 yen and walked into the tunnel. I walked out on the observation area, and took in the sight. I had been taken completely by surprise.Without the tunnel drilled into the mountainside, it would be impossible to see the falls. I'm trying to figure out how the first people got up there. The valley sides are sheer. Any path would be thin and fragile, and the river bottom is strewn with massive rocks and swift, cold water.

here for a photo of me at FukurodaFalls and some of the photos I took during my visit to Fukuroda. gallery1 gallery2

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One of Major waterfall in Japan.. Love to go there...