Tuesday, December 05, 2006

WindowsXP + Mac + Intel

An Intel processor inside a Macintosh Computer running WindowsXP. Wow !!!!!

New Mac machines(Mac OS X 10.4.6) can run WindowsXP on them. Apple made things a lot simpler by offering the beta version of 'Boot Camp', a utility straight from the horse's month that lets you install XP on the Mac and this provides dual booting option which can run Mac as well as WindowsXP.

We can format the partition using NTFS file system and unable to write or save files to the Windows volume from Mac OS. Using FAT provides better compatibility allowing you to read and write files on the Windows volume from Mac OS.

WindowsXP will not be able to read & recognize the HFS+file system used by the Mac OS. The positive side to this comes in the form of total protection of your Mac OS partition from viruses & security threats while you are using WindowsXP.

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Nishan Perera said...

Good News for Mac Users... I think we can install this way like GNU/Linux Operating Systems too.